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Welcome to the place to have all your Noble and Rossion issues resolved

It's Not Just Car To Us it is our passion
I we started in 2010 trying to improve the tune to make the car run like it should and that evolved into making upgrades to resolve some of the reliability issues with the car

Welcome to the site. We have many more features and services available than what is listed on this site. If you have questions, please don't hesitate to email or call.

Primary focus on Noble and Rossions

Services include: tuning, part installs, custom fab, prototype development, power packages, etc...


Some of the upgrades we have developed  are Brakes, Front Axle, Clutch / Flywheel Assembly, And a V8 motor upgrade
Clucth And Flywheel Assy
This a complete assembly including the throw out bearing, flywheel, pressure plate and disc good to 500 HP 
Front and rear full float upgrade kit brake kit
These is a complete upgrade brake kit from 330 mm to 345 mm full floating front and 330 mm to 338 mm full floating rear. Dose not seam like a lot but is like day and night 
Front rotor back side
Front Upgraded axles
Spherical control arm bearing
Installation kit available with bearing purchase 
These are some of the hard to find items available
Noble / Rossion windshield in stock will ship to your address in a few days 
Items under development
This is the future of our cars
Removal tow hock
In testing now
removable tow hock
in testing now
Front and rear upright with C7 Corvette bearing-hub
Rossion Grill
In testing now
Rossion Grill
In testing  now
Noble / Rossion V8
AS small as 5.3L or as large as 7.0L
Current install 565 HP 7.0L
In testing  now
Noble / Rossion  V8
In testing  now
Contact Me
Guillermo "Willy" Fernandez
937 7900152
I am always available to help you keep the time difference into account I am in eastern time but if it is an emergency I will always try to respond